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Reasons to Choose Us?


When it comes to the Mortgage Loan Process, we understand the stress that may be involved with today's real estate market. That is why we are transparent, precise, and innovative with our financial strategies with every client we meet! When it comes to Customer Satisfaction, The Kathy Barbata Mortgage Team considers ourselves the #1 Source for residents in OC/LA/SD surrounding locations. Southern Calfornia Mortgage can get confusing & difficult at times. So, give us a call or email us today to discuss your Mortgage Options!

"The Kathy Barbata Team are our Mortgage Professionals who are committed to giving you the best financial experience  – whether you’re interested in a New Loan, Mortgage Assistance in these challenging times, or simply doing some Research About The Market;

they are here to help!

- Cassie F. (Los Angeles)

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"Owning a home is the best investment an individual can make!"

Easy Loan Approvals

Get approved before you start shopping for your next dream home! Save time & money by learning about the easiest way to get your application prequalified. 

We have the best mortgage options to best fit any budget! Find out more by contacting us today. 


We do ALL the work for you! Ensuring each Loan is approved is no easy task, but when it comes to having a dedicated team working together is what separates us apart from other competitors. 

Sit back. RELAX. And enjoy the mortgage journey to a great investment!

Fast and FREE

We close most loans in under 21-Days or Less! When it comes to submitting your application, it can seem like a very long process...


Fortunately, that's why we're here. "Speed" is the name of the game and getting approved as soon as possible is the difference between owning your next home or risk losing to another buyer.

100% Safe and Secure

ALL submitted information is under a 100% Secure Connection and Safely Verified to current mortgage guidelines. We ensure all client's personal information submitted is protected and private!  

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The 4 Steps For A Successful 

Home Loan Process

Our GOAL is to ensure that each buyer understands the Mortgage Loan process from starting the application to completing it through closing. If you are considering a home purchase (especially as a first time home buyer), learning each step will simplify everything for you. 


Some prefer completing a mortgage application online. Many clients complete the application over the phone with a Loan Officer. While others prefer a face-to-face application interview before they submit their loan. No matter the preference, we're here to help you with the application process!


Submitting The Loan Application 

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There can seem like a lot of steps involved in the mortgage loan process. But understanding what to do on getting your loan approved is very important!

An accurate loan application makes the process a lot smoother. Do not rush through an application with partial or incorrect answers! Almost assuredly, it will come back to bite the buyer and will certainly cause delays. 


Approved & Close Loan!

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Underwriting provides a list of updated items they need to submit to the lender once the client's application has been pre-approved. These items can be current paystubs & bank statements. 

Final closing documents are signed by all parties, funds are transferred to your bank account, and confirmation papers sent to the client!



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We request all required items and help you prepare the mandatory documents needed to process your application. 

Once processed, all documents submitted are reviewed by company underwriters. Title insurance, Income, and housing verifications are ordered where you would need Home Owners Insurance



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Congrats! You are now newly funded to purchase a new home. This is the part where you get your house keys to your new property.


There is no better feeling of accomplishing your life goals!

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About Me

You have come to the Right Home Loan Experts -- Buying a home isn't always easy, you need the right Loan Officer and Team behind you to help you make the transaction as smooth as possible. We are on the journey with you! The Kathy Barbata Team has over 25+ years of experience in the mortgage banking industry and extensive practice in originating home loans on Home Purchase, Refinance, VA-Loans, Home Renovation, Reverse Mortgages, Plus More! I am a firm believer in excellent customer service and offer the most competitive pricing to fit any financial budget and lifestyle. 


I have continued to be one of the most knowledgeable Loan Officers in Southern California assisting families from Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Deigo locations. Working with the "My Rock Star" mortgage team, you'll receive EXPERT advice and support in making your home financing decisions.


We offer a full spectrum of loan products best suited to meet your needs. Consistent communication throughout the process and follow up's to update you on the current status of your loan application. We have some of the fastest turn around times in the industry!! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding home financing advice or current real estate market updates. 


Kathy Barbata Team

Mortgage Loan Expert & licensed Lender 

Sr. Loan Officer 

NMLS# 1387935

(626) 317-8034


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